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Dennis Hastert quietly leaves federal prison

O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing garnered national headlines this week. Indeed, some may believe that he is still receiving unfair celebrity treatment for simply being granted a hearing. This sentiment arguably spilled over when the commissioners voted unanimously to grant parole.

In the midst of this news, former speaker of the House of Representatives Dennis Hastert was recently released from federal prison. Hastert was sentenced to a 15 month sentence for bank fraud stemming from his actions in making patterns of payments to avoid federal reporting requirements. Hastert was initially investigated for making more than $900,000 in small withdrawals across a number of his personal accounts to avoid federal scrutiny. 

Huge nationwide health care fraud bust announced by DOJ

"Big" is a relative term, of course, which can only be fleshed out in reference to a specific matter through comparison with something else in the same genre.

Consider health care fraud for a moment, which is a matter we impliedly underscored in a June 9 blog entry alluding to the "heightened climate of white crime scrutiny" that has been patently notable across the country in recent years.

Kardashian case spotlights revenge porn crime, elements

As a recent USA Today article duly stresses, so-called "revenge porn" is "a crime of the Internet Age."

Indeed, revenge porn -- which is outlawed and calls for criminal punishment in a clear and growing majority of states -- provides for a modern-day twist on invasion-of-privacy laws that have been operative across the United States throughout much of the country's history.

Does California's growing diversity breed more crime? Not hardly.

There's a truth disruption at work regarding the reality of juvenile crime in California and its link with the state's progressively increasing immigrant and minority population, and it's emanating from a singular source that should be far more cautious and accurate in its appraisals.

That font of disinformation and even fomented hysteria is the U.S. House of Representatives, say authors of a recent report closely focused on the correlation between juvenile crime and comparatively diversified state populations.

Getting it right: Would prison have made sense in this case?

We suspect that very few of our readers in the Bay Area or elsewhere across California would harbor any discontent regarding the sentencing outcome recently announced by a federal judge in a bank robbery case from another state. We relate the material details immediately below.

To wit: A described "remorseful" senior citizen -- a man agreed by all legal principals in his case to be a dutiful husband and conscientious father with no prior criminal record -- robbed a bank.

Privacy expectation case now at highest court review level

There will be no dearth of people paying close attention to a case focused upon cellphones and privacy in the United States Supreme Court's upcoming autumn term.

Privacy rights are, of course, a big deal in a democracy, especially in an ever-evolving society in which vast technological inroads have made it progressively easier for criminal law authorities to gain access to huge amounts of data via new platforms.

Spotlight on white collar crime enforcement in new administration

Virtually any commentary or general overview focusing on the topic of federal crime will heavily stress behavior in the so-called "white collar" criminal realm.

Our website at the East Bay Law Office of John W. Noonan in Pleasanton is no exception, with the firm devoting a page to our practice area in that singular area of law.

Who should control police videos, the cops or the public?

"Almost without exception," states a recent NPR criminal law-focused article, "police videos are controlled by the law enforcement agencies that created them."

And therein lies the rub, say commentators who point to police custody over these relatively new, unquestionably potent and sometimes controversial tools that are used liberally by police departments across California and the rest of the country.

DUIs can mean more than just legal penalties

Have you ever stopped and thought about how much a DUI will costs someone? Even if it is your first time getting a drunk driving charge, it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of your life to "pay" for it.

So what financial factors are at play when you get a DUI that could possibly drive the costs of the charge that high? Let's take a look at a few of them:

Report cites alarming stats regarding prison sentences, durations

Here's a clear incongruity: Reportedly, the nation's prison population continues its upward swell even as coalescing public opinion embraces the need for material sentencing reforms.

There is ample room for strident debate concerning many aspects of the American criminal justice system, with much inherent complexity and lack of firm agreement on many topics, but this much is eminently clear: the number of people who are locked away inside America's state and federal prisons is far too many, and the discernible trend concerning incarceration does not paint a pretty picture.

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