Computer Evidence In Criminal Cases

Computer evidence in criminal cases remains one of the most rapidly evolving areas of the law. Every day, new standards are developed and new rules are made.

If your case involves computer evidence, you can rely on Law Office of John W. Noonan to provide you with the updated legal knowledge you need to best protect your rights. Because we are a full-service legal defense firm, we dedicate resources to maintaining an up-to-date knowledge base regarding the law in this area.

You can rest assured if you are receiving legal advice from our firm that it is designed to address the complexities of computer evidence, including

  • The federal rules governing electronic discovery and Internet surveillance
  • The preservation and destruction of electronic evidence
  • The successful gathering and challenging of computer evidence
  • Hard drives
  • Internet caches and use history
  • Work computers versus home computers

Our firm maintains a fully staffed legal team to handle the often involved process of addressing computer evidence issues. Further, because we represent clients across the complete spectrum of criminal matters in both state and federal courts, we draw on more than 45 years of experience challenging any manner of evidence in a wide variety of cybercrimes and other criminal cases.

We know how to apply all of these traditional best practices to the newest situations and challenges presented by computers. You will know that you have someone fighting in your corner who understands the very unique issues presented by computer evidence in a criminal case.

Computer Crime Attorney In Dublin

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