Vehicular Manslaughter Attorney In Pleasanton

Law Office of John W. Noonan is fully equipped to represent people charged with vehicular manslaughter in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our California firm is experienced with complex cases and knows every angle of the law. Vehicular manslaughter is a very serious charge, but we understand that a variety of situations and accidental circumstances can lead to a vehicle becoming a weapon.

Attorney John W. Noonan brings more than 45 years of legal experience to the examination, counsel and representation of your case. If you or a loved one has been charged with vehicular manslaughter, it is crucial to contact an experienced and capable attorney immediately at 925-400-6635.

Knowledgeable From Both Sides Of The Law

As a former prosecutor, Mr. Noonan has the perspective and the knowledge of strategies used to show guilt. His insight and experience as a criminal defense attorney in trials and negotiations can make a substantial difference in your opportunities to dismiss or reduce charges, or to settle by means of alternative sentencing.

Professional, Effective Representation For Involuntary Vehicular Manslaughter And Vehicular Manslaughter

Whether the charge of vehicular manslaughter is the result of an unavoidable accident, not seeing an object or a pedestrian, improperly carrying a load or drunk driving, we will work to resolve the case in your best interests. We will employ accident reconstruction experts, medical experts and others as necessary to defend you in working toward the best possible outcomes.

Attorney John W. Noonan has been selected for inclusion in the Northern California Super Lawyers, and he has extensive experience resolving cases of manslaughter and homicide. He spent years working as the Alameda County district attorney and has been named Alameda County Attorney of the Year.

Charged With Vehicular Manslaughter In Dublin? Free Initial Consultation Of Your Case.

Please contact Law Office of John W. Noonan for a free initial consultation to discuss vehicular manslaughter and related matters. Call our law firm at 925-400-6635. We are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. You can afford a quality legal defense.