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Adding it up: the broad-based and steep costs of a California DUI

Euphoria dashed in an instant.

That is unquestionably what it feels like for some motorists in the Bay Area and across California who, while heading home after an evening of social engagement with friends, suddenly see flashing lights in their rearview mirror.

A horrific injustice: false criminal accusations

One of the most frightening things that can happen to an individual is to be falsely accused of criminal conduct.

Law enforcers are often quick to act upon such allegations. Sometimes it takes time and huge effort to convince authorities of a fabricated story and make things right. Even when that is possible, it is often the case that the innocent victim of another party's lie can never recover a previously unstained reputation.

The key to your front door can be in your phone

No one will have to break into your smart East Bay home. The key to the front door will be in your phone. The controls to the security system and surveillance cameras will be conveniently located in your phone as well.

Experts say the "smart" features in our wifi- or bluetooth-connected refrigerators, lighting, cars, watches, heating systems and more can easily be hacked by those intent on committing cybercrime.

California's harsh sentencing laws toned down by governor

Gov. Jerry Brown recently rolled back some of California's harsh sentencing laws, making some prosecutors and other law enforcement officials unhappy. The package of bills Brown signed will cut jail and prison sentences for juveniles and adults.

The governor's office said the bills he signed will "improve criminal and juvenile justice systems, restore the power of judges to impose criminal sentences and reduce recidivism through increased rehabilitation.”

Study confirms value of an experienced DUI defense attorney

In candor, we certainly can't say that we are surprised by the unambiguous results of a recent DUI/DWI-related study conducted by a national provider of information on insurance rates and consumer options.

The online company QuoteWizard assembled a wealth of interrelated data on drunk driving convictions, insurance rates and other germane information to provide an accurate depiction of what a drunk driving defendant might reasonably expect after making a core post-arrest decision.

This federal sentencing outcome confuses even hardliners

The longest federal sentence ever imposed upon a defendant in a health care fraud case was recently handed down by a federal judge in Texas … to a terminally ill mother of young twins who has advanced breast cancer and a dire prognosis.

Although no commentators are on record contending that the 53-year-old woman -- a former owner of a home health company -- should be spared punishment for her eight criminal counts faced in a major Medicare scam, plenty of people working within the criminal justice industry are questioning her case outcome.

A paring back of Obama-era college sex-crimes policies?

If currently expressed sentiments in the Trump presidential administration regarding college campus sex-crimes policies and procedures take the shape of new standards and legal imperatives, says one Obama-era official, the United States will be taken back to the days "when colleges swept sexual assault under the rug."

That is emphatically untrue, counters one advocate for individuals accused of campus-based sex crimes. He states that opinions expressed recently by U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos are "being secretly cheered by every university general counsel in the country."

House passes bill to curb IRS asset seizures

IRS agents, as well as federal and state criminal task forces across the country, have routinely defended the confiscation of assets from individuals and families under asset forfeiture laws. The oft-advanced argument touting program policies and results is that law enforcers are merely going after bad guys, that is, depriving law breakers of the spoils derived from ill-gotten gains.

That principally means things like caches of cash hauled in through cartel-organized drug trafficking. Authorities have also seized automobiles, personal items of myriad variety, and even homes, when such possessions are alleged to have been purchased through profits linked with unlawful activity.

Court: Warrant overbroad, so toss gun-related evidence

We submit in today's blog post that even some people who disagree with the recent ruling of a U.S. federal appellate court regarding warrants and the suppression of evidence can understand the court's reasoning and its rationale for ruling against the government.

In the case before the tribunal, it was uncontested that a criminal suspect was seen tossing a gun out of an apartment window as police were about to enter the abode pursuant to a search warrant. Authorities used that evidence to convict the man on a criminal weapons charge.

Recent Case Results

  • Juvenile Charges

    A juvenile was arrested for 2nd Degree Robbery. After 6 months the case was dismissed.

    A juvenile was arrested for Sexual Battery. After 6 months and 80 hours of Community service, the case was dismissed.

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  • Drunk Driving Offenses

    A client with a 1st DUI arrest. Fearing she would go to jail; lose her license for a year and lose her job. Got a wet reckless and minimal fines.

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  • Drug Charges

    A client with 4 Felony charges on a Transportation Charge, a Attempt to Sell, Possession of Marijuana, (50 pounds), Conspiracy Charge all where reduced to 1 Misdemeanor. No Jail.

    Client was charged with 6 Felony drug possessions. Facing jail time. The results: Client got a deferred entry of judgment and then dismissed.

    Client charged with several felony counts of possession of Marijuana with intent to sell. Client was involved in a medical marijuana grow. Case was reduced and later dismissed.

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  • Sex Crimes

    A client with alleged 2 Felony Sex charges and he faced jail and sex registration. The case was entirely dismissed.

    Client charged with prostitution; facing jail time and sex offender registration. Result: NO JAIL TIME AND NO SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION Deferred Entry of Judgment.

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  • Domestic Violence

    Client charged with domestic violence, with great bodily injury. Case reduced to a misdemeanor with time served.

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