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Statement art causes stir, results in arrest at Oakland International

If all of our readers were asked to sum up the feeling of our country in one word, many might respond with "freedom." Whether it is the freedom to practice the religion of your choice or the freedom to raise your children as you see fit or any number of others, protecting these freedoms is something that is important to many.

Freedom of speech is one of the ones that is considered most important but often comes with strong reactions, opinions and even fears. A traveler going through the Oakland International Airport tested this right last week by wearing a watch that caused a stir and eventually resulted in his arrest.

The man was wearing a watch that had wires coming out of it and what appeared to be a toggle switch, according to a sergeant at the Alameda County Sheriff's Department. TSA agents apprehended the man based on the charge of having materials to craft a bomb, shut down the airport but later determined that there was no way in which this device could ever function as any kind of explosive device.

Despite the determination that the watch was completely harmless, the commotion that was caused left the man facing state charges. While there was likely no intent to cause the situation, law enforcement officials and prosecutors often attempt to charge individuals in these instances with serious charges. For those on the receiving end, a strong defense is important to keep the situation from getting out of control.

Source: CNN, "Oakland traveler arrested for watch "art" that TSA thinks is timing device," Jim Barnett, Nov. 16, 2012

A strong defense against criminal charges can make a significant difference in the lives of those who have been accused of a crime. Our Alameda County law firm utilizes extensive experience to protect the rights of clients and ensure that this difference is made.

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