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January 2013 Archives

Sanity questions surround Oakland teenager at sentencing hearing

Sadly, there are many children who are victims of their own environment. These children are exposed to neglect and different forms of abuse, which can create problems for them throughout their life. While some have the ability to somehow put their traumatic past behind them, others struggle with it and cannot cope with life in general, developing psychological disorders. In fact, many juvenile crimes can be traced back to a child's early years and the life to which they were exposed. These victims engage in underage drinking or drug use and may even resort to violence.

San Francisco man accused of sexually assaulting disabled child

Crimes against children are taken especially seriously in a court of law and the court of public opinion. Depending of the type and severity of the crime committed against a juvenile, a defendant's rights to a fair trial can be affected by factors like publicity and the emotions of those involved. Such may be the case for a San Francisco man now facing multiple charges, which include allegations of rape and kidnapping, involving a mentally disabled girl.

The operation of some crime labs is a crime

Television, as usual, creates impressions that can be undercut by reality. Crime labs and crime investigations, for instance, where programs like CSI lead one to believe that police crime labs are a "James Bond" world of innovative technology and brilliant scientists, sifting evidence and data to arrive at unimpeachablely accurate results.

Judge approves settlement of UC Davis case involving pepper-sprayed protesters

The University of California Davis announced the approval by a federal judge of the settlement of a lawsuit involving Occupy UC Davis protesters who were pepper sprayed by UC-Davis police. The protesters, were seated and unarmed, were shown in numerous videos being pepper-sprayed by police dressed in riot gear.

Mandatory minimums: because we can make you

Mandatory minimums for drug crimes have received a significant amount of criticism. They have been part of the problem resulting in prison overcrowding in California and nationwide. They have also added to the cost of operating prisons by increasing the total numbers of inmates and the lengths of their sentences. Even judges dislike mandatory minimums, as they eliminate the discretion that is one of the core elements of being a judge.


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