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Providing criminal defense services to
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February 2013 Archives

IRS cracking down on identity theft, tax fraud in the Bay Area

This tax season, the IRS is watching out for several metropolitan areas, including the Bay Area, as being the most risky for identity theft. Tax experts say Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose are among the most high-risk in the country for tax return fraud and identity theft due to a number of circumstances - the area's dense population and tech-savvy residents being only a couple of reasons.

San Francisco man suffers head injuries at party

Committing a violent crime can result in long-term consequences, especially if someone is hurt. It's especially unfortunate when a minor is involved in the wrongdoing. Due to their inexperience and tendency to be swayed by their peers, they may make choices that they'll later regret. If someone is seriously hurt or killed as a result of juvenile crimes, the penalties can last a lifetime.

Oakland man allegedly drove with beer cans thrown around car

When someone is pulled over for driving while intoxicated, in many cases they will be arrested for more than just a DUI charge. Whether he or she is charged multiple offenses or feels that he or she was unfairly charged by law enforcement, everyone is entitled to fair treatment in court. A person facing multiple penalties related to drunk driving will likely want a drunk driving defense attorney to be sure they receive fair and strong representation.

Oakland man may be unfit to stand trial for murder

The mental state and stability of a defendant must not only be taken into account when considering his or her involvement in the alleged incident they are accused of but also before and during arraignment and trial proceedings. In order for a fair trial to be conducted, the defendant has to be capable of understanding the charges against him; he must also be able to play a responsible role in the handling of his criminal case. If the person's mental health is in question, he may be evaluated to see if and when he will be fit to stand trial. This is the case for one man facing multiple murder charges in Oakland, California.


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