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Providing criminal defense services to
clients throughout the East Bay and
its surrounding areas.

March 2013 Archives

Oakland man sues after falsely placed on 'Most Wanted' list

Being falsely accused of a crime is much more than an annoyance. It can come with many serious consequences, including losing one's reputation and even criminal charges that result in time behind bars. In some cases, all it takes to clear someone charged with a crime is to resolve the misunderstanding with law enforcement, but more often it will require a defense attorney to help sort the issue out.

New DNA evidence clears Oakland man of sex crime conviction

A person facing false accusations needs a strong defense attorney to clear his or her name. There are fewer things more unfair than being imprisoned for a crime one did not commit. Being falsely accused of a sex offense can affect a person for a lifetime. One Oakland man is working through the repercussions of having 14 years of his life taken away by a false conviction, at the same time that he's celebrating the clearing of his name by a Santa Clara University Law School group.

Oakland man pleads not guilty in murder charge

U.S. law requires each person charged with a crime to be treated as innocent until proven guilty in a fair and unbiased trial. It should be taken seriously when a person enters a not guilty plea, even if they have previous criminal charges, and whether or not they appeared guilty at the time the charges were filed.

California law changed to affect previous juvenile offenders

A new ruling to the state's realignment law means that a prison sentence instead of jail time may be mandated for some people who were previously charged with a juvenile crime. Up until the ruling, the realignment law had been meant to follow a U.S. Supreme Court order to reduce California's prison costs, address overcrowding issues by lowering the population by 33,000, and improve the health care of inmates. Realignment aimed to achieve these goals by sending lower-level felons to the county jail, rather than prison.


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