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Providing criminal defense services to
clients throughout the East Bay and
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April 2013 Archives

San Jose teen charged in dad's accidental death

Most people understand that teenagers can be prone to emotional outbursts and can do or say something they don't mean at the time. Like younger children, their brains are still developing, and it can be difficult learning to cope in an adult world. Many life situations can be stressful, scary, and confusing to a teenager who's uncertain how to respond. Although violence isn't the answer, when a child is charged with a crime, his or her age should be taken into account as well as the circumstances surrounding the incident.

California man among many extorted for past sex convictions

Online extortion is becoming an increasingly common crime that can take advantage of a variety of people. This type of internet victimization makes it particularly difficult to escape once someone has been targeted. One form of cyber crime is victimizing people who have previously been convicted of sexual misconduct. This type of extortion doesn't exclude those who have already paid their debt to society and just want to move on with their lives.

Criminal defense advocates predict end of the death penalty

Advocates for the fair treatment of those with criminal allegations have been discussing for a long time whether the death penalty is an appropriate punishment. Many criminal defense attorneys and advocates agree that capital punishment is cruel and unusual punishment, and that no crime should warrant being put to death. The death penalty is still legal in California, but the President/CEO of the NAACP predicts that it's possible to do away with the death penalty throughout America within ten years.

Widow of unarmed man killed by Oakland police opens federal trial

Police officers have a duty to protect citizens from harm, and to treat those with criminal allegations with decency while attempting to question or apprehend them. Although it's permissible to use deadly force if an officer's safety is threatened by someone charged with a crime, this action is to be used as a last resort. Over the past few years, Oakland residents and judges have been scrutinizing the reputation of Oakland police officers, claiming many use undue force and "shoot first and justify it later," according to an attorney in a federal trial against two local police officers.


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