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Providing criminal defense services to
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Robberies in Oakland are the highest in the country

It’s likely that anyone who lives in Oakland has either been the subject of a robbery or knows someone who has. A recent report by the FBI shows that Oakland has the highest rate of robberies in the country. This not only makes it difficult for law enforcement to protect the general public from theft and violence, but can also make it hard for young people living in the area to grow up with positive influences that will enable them to make smart decisions as adults. It’s common for children to continue the same types of behaviors they were raised around, resulting in generations of people receiving criminal charges as juveniles and young adults.

The study cited 12 Oakland robberies a day in 2012, which amounts to about one robbery for every 91 people in our city. Many residents in the Oakland area have resorted to certain measures to protect themselves and their properties from robberies. At least 63 households hired private security guards to patrol in their neighborhoods, resulting in no new robbery incidents in their area.

With these numbers, law enforcement is extra vigilant and attempting to reduce the number of thefts in the city. There are certain to be people who are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and receive false allegations as a result. Additionally, many young people also get charged for robberies they did commit, without fully realizing the penalties or long-term consequences.

There are programs available in the city to prevent youth from going down the path of criminal activity. Defense attorneys not only are able to represent the rights of those charged with a crime, but they also know which programs are available to keep people from making the same mistake again.

Source: KPIX 5, “Oakland Has Nation’s Highest Robbery Rate, FBI Data Shows,” May 8, 2013


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