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Police continue to look for victims abused by Concord teacher

Sex crimes are among the most serious in the realm of public opinion. They carry an even heavier stigma when they involve children. Allegations of child abuse including sexual molestation are devastating, and may be enough to condemn an individual in the eyes of a community, even in the absence of a conviction. If one is convicted, he or she not only has to deal with the accompanying legal penalties, but also with the shame and humiliation of having to register as a sex offender. Due to the heavy consequences associated with sex crimes against children, authorities in Oakland typically take any allegations very seriously.

Police are continuing to investigate claims against a former Concord elementary school teacher even after sufficient evidence has been found to charge him with over 100 counts of sexual abuse of his former students. Investigators are hoping that other victims will come forward and join the 13 who have already described to police the various acts of molestation perpetrated on them by the teacher dating back to 2006. He currently awaits trial on the charges already leveled against him. 

Understanding the gravity of the allegations against them and the potential penalties that they could face is important for those who have been accused of a sex crime. Despite the potential disgust felt towards the allegations, it is important to remember that those accused have the right to fair treatment during the investigation and hearing of their case. Anyone facing such accusations or who supports someone who is may want to consult with a criminal defense attorney who knows what he or she is facing and can help argue the case before the court.   

Source: San Jose Mercury News “Over 100 sex abuse counts against Calif. Teacher” August 16, 2013


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