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Rioting in Huntington Beach leads to local teen's arrest

Juvenile crime is one of the more unique and often misunderstood areas of the criminal justice system. Children and teens in Alameda often may be ignorant to the consequences that accompany irresponsible acts and behavior, and external factors such as peer pressure and negative influences may prompt them to engage in activity that they normally wouldn’t. Still, authorities are charged with ensuring that the line between normal juvenile behavior and criminal activity is firmly established. When kids and teens cross those lines, they too are required to be held responsible for their actions.

A Huntington Beach teen is currently learning this hard lesson. He was among many police believed to have participated in a riot that broke out amongst the thousands of people recently gathered in Huntington Beach for the popular U.S. Open of Surfing event. 

While what sparked the rioting has not been reported, over 100 police were called in to establish control as rioters allegedly destroyed property along the city’s Main Street. The 15-year-old boy is accused of being among those who incited the riot and who threw glass bottles at the responding officers. He now faces charges ranging from assaulting an officer to felony vandalism.

Given the impressionable nature of children and teens, all of the parties involved in the juvenile law system typically try and work together to help those accused learn from their experiences and to ensure that the punishments handed down are done so with an eye towards rehabilitation. The hope in doing so is that juveniles are steered away from continuing in criminal activity as adults. Parents or guardians in these situations may want to hire a lawyer experienced in handling juvenile cases to help work towards securing positive outcomes for their kids.  

Source: NBC Los Angeles “15-Year-Old Boy Arrested in Huntington Beach Rioting” Jason Kandel, August 2, 2013


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