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Providing criminal defense services to
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Misdemeanor charges dropped against former officer in plea deal

Defense attorneys and prosecutors often negotiate plea agreements to avoid lengthy trials and minimize the penalties associated with certain crimes. In exchange for a guilty or no contest plea on lesser criminal charges, for example, the prosecutor may agree to dismiss felony charges. Sometimes cooperation on another case could lead the prosecutor to seek a more lenient sentence for the accused. Whatever the circumstances, a plea negotiation can be beneficial for everyone involved.

A member of the Alameda Sherriff’s office who allegedly supplied confidential information to a person involved in a child custody battle benefitted by making a deal with the prosecution team. They dropped two misdemeanor charges in exchange for a “no contest” plea for releasing a criminal record to an unauthorized person. He will receive credit for time served and was sentenced to three years of probation and a monetary fine. The accused officer was fired from the Sherriff’s office prior to verdict in criminal court; he had been on administrative leave while an internal investigation was conducted. A civil lawsuit is still pending against the former officer.

Others who are charged with crimes in the Oakland area may also be able to lessen the long-term consequences through plea negotiations. It is a generally best to consult with a criminal defense attorney before doing so, however. There are times when it may be better to enter a plea of no contest rather than guilty, especially if civil proceedings are possible. An attorney has the knowledge and skills to evaluate the unique circumstances of your case and determine the best course of action. 

Source: Contra Costa Times, “Fired Alameda County Sheriff's deputy takes plea deal in tangled Pleasanton case,” Jeremy Thomas, Sep. 6, 2013.

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