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Alleged cybercriminal convicted in New York, awaits Florida trial

Cybercrimes are some of the most difficult to prosecute and defend—largely because the crimes know no borders. The laws regarding internet crimes vary from state to state and country to country. Evidence that is admissible in one jurisdiction may not be admissible in another. Yet, that isn’t stopping law enforcement officials in Alameda and across the country from cracking down on those charged with internet crime.

One of the most recent cases splashed across the headlines involves a Ukrainian man accused of stealing personal information and selling credit card numbers over the internet. He is currently awaiting trial in Florida on charges of identity theft and fraud. He has already been convicted on similar federal charges in New York. According to the Manhattan district attorney, the global scheme affected over 95,000 people from California to New York, as well as in Russia and the Czech Republic. Despite the fact that the internet scam he is accused of running is believed to have been highly profitable, the man claims that he has no money or assets and has requested a public defender for his Florida trial.

Those who are charged with cybercrime of any sort could benefit from hiring an experienced criminal law attorney rather than taking chances with an overworked public defender. The laws regarding internet crimes are very complex. Investigators must follow strict protocol when information and evidence is shared across multiple law enforcement agencies. If one agency failed to comply with the proper procedures, the evidence could be thrown out completely and an attorney might be able to get the charges lessened or dropped.

Source: Sun-Sentinel, “International cybercrime ringleader extradited to face South Florida charges,” Paula McMahon, Oct. 23, 2013.

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