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Does California's growing diversity breed more crime? Not hardly.

There's a truth disruption at work regarding the reality of juvenile crime in California and its link with the state's progressively increasing immigrant and minority population, and it's emanating from a singular source that should be far more cautious and accurate in its appraisals.

That font of disinformation and even fomented hysteria is the U.S. House of Representatives, say authors of a recent report closely focused on the correlation between juvenile crime and comparatively diversified state populations.

Many voices in Congress stridently contend that high-immigrant and increasingly non-white populations have correspondingly outsized criminal law problems, and they point squarely to California to make their point.

And President Trump's position on immigration and undocumented individuals is of course firmly in stride with such as assessment. In fact, the president has pointed to California's strong support for immigrants by disparaging the state and calling it "out of control."

The above-cited report, written under the auspices of the San Francisco Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, reaches precisely the opposite conclusion. It holds that California's starkly changing demographics over the past couple generations are tightly linked with a material drop in juvenile crime, not an expansion of criminal activity.

What is happening in California, states a study principal, is "just the opposite of what the debate in the U.S. House of Representatives … would make you think is going on."

Relevant statistics indicate that about 60 percent of all California residents under 25 were white in 1980, with that number now being under 30 percent. And coupled with that marked change is evidence showing a reduction in criminal activity across virtually all categories, with the drop in California larger than what has been realized across the rest of the country.


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