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Drunk Driving Archives

Driver traveling wrong direction on 101 causes fatal accident

After having a few drinks, some people choose to get behind the wheel. They may or may not realize that their driving abilities are impaired. Everyone should realize, however, that drinking and driving in California has serious consequences. It can lead to license suspension or revocation, criminal charges and can cause serious physical and emotional injury to other motorists on the road.

Daly City man turns himself in for fatal car crash

Any time a person faces serious charges for a fatal car accident, it’s important to be sure he or she is fairly represented in court. Many times, a jury or a judge can be harsh on someone who allegedly caused a fatal accident, no matter what the circumstances were.

Breath test and field sobriety test myths exposed

There’s no argument that you face serious penalties if you get caught driving while intoxicated. The laws against drinking and driving are strict in California. If you are given a DUI charge, you’re entitled to fair representation and being treated as innocent until proven guilty. But a few common misconceptions about sobriety tests may actually get someone into worse trouble.

Man accused of DUI in Pebble Beach crash denies driving drunk

It can often be tempting for juries to automatically assume a person with drunk driving charges is guilty, especially if the case involves a fatal accident. When someone is accused of driving under the influence, it isn’t always an open-and-shut case. Any time someone contests a DUI charge, he or she has the right to fair representation and treatment in court, no matter how much evidence authorities have that could prove the person guilty.

Oakland man allegedly drove with beer cans thrown around car

When someone is pulled over for driving while intoxicated, in many cases they will be arrested for more than just a DUI charge. Whether he or she is charged multiple offenses or feels that he or she was unfairly charged by law enforcement, everyone is entitled to fair treatment in court. A person facing multiple penalties related to drunk driving will likely want a drunk driving defense attorney to be sure they receive fair and strong representation.


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