One man’s journey through criminal system instructive for all

Individuals blindsided by misapplied “justice” in a legal matter often suffer dire consequences as a result. That is true whether a challenge resides in bankruptcy, family law, business litigation or estate planning.

Or criminal law. A starkly negative and life-altering outcome is arguably nowhere greater than for an individual targeted in a criminal matter.

We note that on our San Francisco Bay Area criminal law blog at the established Law Office of John W. Noonan. We state therein that there is likely “no other area of law in which more of a difference can be made than by ensuring that a client’s right to liberty is safeguarded through the justice system.”

Candidly, truly awful things can happen when an individual’s precious freedom is not protected.

A recent DUI case from another state bears that out.

A motorist in that matter who was stopped by a police officer blew a 0.00 on a breathalyzer and passed all field sobriety tests administered him. He was nonetheless arrested and taken to jail, where a blood draw further revealed no alcohol or drugs in his system. A second draw yielded the same result

Despite that complete lack of evidence to indicate illegal alcohol and/or drug consumption, the arrested driver spent more than five months behind bars before a judge finally ordered him released.

That turned out to be too late to save his job or apartment.

Luckily, though, the motorist ultimately prevailed in a lawsuit alleging the deprivation of his civil rights. State authorities paid him $150,000 in compensation for what had been inflicted upon him.

The case serves to remind that criminal law matters do not routinely yield justice, and that timely and aggressive input from a proven defense attorney can forge a key difference in an outcome.

Seasoned defense lawyers proudly advocate for individuals whose freedoms are challenged by criminal law authorities. A case such as that reported above underscores why they are routinely diligent in their efforts.

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