Study confirms value of an experienced DUI defense attorney

In candor, we certainly can’t say that we are surprised by the unambiguous results of a recent DUI/DWI-related study conducted by a national provider of information on insurance rates and consumer options.

The online company QuoteWizard assembled a wealth of interrelated data on drunk driving convictions, insurance rates and other germane information to provide an accurate depiction of what a drunk driving defendant might reasonably expect after making a core post-arrest decision.

QuoteWizard’s key focus was on DUI outcomes and how they might be skewed relative to the representational decisions made by individuals facing legal challenges.

Specifically, the company compared the results of a person either opting not to secure an attorney’s help at all or, alternatively, retaining a public defender, versus an individual who allied with an experienced private attorney in contesting criminal charges.

As we note above, the bottom line was both unsurprising and predictable. Here are two of the more notable points that empirically emerged from researchers’ analysis:

  • Retaining a private attorney in a drunk driving case ups the odds that a defendant will secure a reduced charge by a whopping 300%; and
  • Having experienced counsel on board “can pay for itself on insurance savings alone”

Widely divergent sources in California and across the country routinely stress the broad-based money exactions that typically result from a drunk driving conviction (e.g., spiked insurance rates, court costs and fees, interlock device installation and maintenance costs, participation in drug/alcohol programs and more). It is not unusual for a defendant that does not secure mitigation in a case to ultimately pay out many thousands of dollars following conviction.

QuoteWizard stresses that, given the downsides, the reasonableness of retaining experienced DUI/DWI defense counsel is starkly clear.

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