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Legal Representation for Defendants in Criminal Cases in Fremont

Fremont is less safe than many other cities in California. Specifically, there are around 200 robberies and assaults there each year, and close to 100 instances of rape. Additionally, there are close to 700 burglaries, almost 1,000 motor vehicle thefts, and close to 4,000 theft crimes committed in Fremont annually. A criminal conviction may not only impair your liberties in the short term but also curtail your rights for the rest of your life. Therefore, if you are charged with a criminal offense, it is wise to meet with a diligent Fremont criminal defense lawyer to discuss the facts of your case. Attorney John W. Noonan has litigated criminal matters in the California courts for over five decades, and he will work tirelessly to help you protect your rights.

Obtaining a Police Report for a Crime Committed in Fremont

If you wish to obtain a police report for a crime committed in Fremont, you must fill out an Application for Release of Information, which is available on the Police Department's website. The Application can be mailed to the Fremont Police Department, Attn: Records Division/Request for Police Report, 2000 Stevenson Blvd., PO Box 5007, Fremont, CA 94537-5007, or it can be submitted in person at the same address. Reports cost $16.00, and the fee must be submitted along with the Application in the form of a check, cashier's check, or money order. Generally, Applications for reports will be processed within 10 days. In most cases, only an individual named in the report can receive a copy of the report. Anyone seeking additional information regarding a Fremont police report can call the Police Department's Records Division at (510) 790-6800.

Procedures in California Criminal Cases

Although being charged with a crime can be a nerve-wracking experience, there are many phases between being arrested and being convicted of a crime. Defendants should consult a criminal defense attorney in Fremont who can explain the process.

Typically, a criminal case will begin with an arrest. Following the arrest, the defendant will be arraigned. An arraignment is a brief hearing, during which the defendant is read the charges that the district attorney has filed against him or her, bail is set, and the defendant is asked to enter a plea. The defendant also must be advised that he or she has a right to an attorney, and if the defendant cannot afford an attorney, a free attorney will be assigned.

For infractions and misdemeanors, a trial date will be set. In cases involving felony crimes, however, the defendant has a right to a preliminary hearing to assess whether there is sufficient evidence to try the defendant for the crime that he or she allegedly committed. In cases in which the court deems the evidence to be sufficient, a trial date will be set. The defendant can choose whether he or she wishes to be tried before a judge or a jury. A Fremont criminal defense attorney can advise you on which option may be better suited to your case.

Notably, regardless of the nature of the charges, a defendant has a constitutional right to a speedy trial. Thus, in cases in which the State unreasonably delays the prosecution of a case, the charges against a defendant may be dismissed.

Consult a Knowledgeable and Dedicated Fremont Attorney

It is important for criminal defendants to understand the procedures that the State must follow in prosecuting a case to make sure that their rights are not violated. If you live in Fremont and are charged with a criminal offense, it is in your best interest to consult a seasoned criminal attorney to discuss what you can do to protect your rights. John W. Noonan offers the skills and experience needed to help you navigate your case. Mr. Noonan has offices in Manteca and Dublin, and he regularly assists defendants in criminal cases in cities throughout the East Bay. You can submit the form online or call us at 925-479-0033 to schedule a confidential and free consultation with a criminal defense lawyer in the Fremont area.