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How Can I Get a Job With a Criminal Record?

Learning how to approach job hunting with a criminal record can help California residents move forward positively.

Many people in California have some form of criminal record. Regardless of the reason for the record or the nature of the offense, these people have the right to reclaim their lives and move forward in a positive manner. One essential component to doing this is to get a job.

Securing solid employment may feel daunting to those who know that a background check may well reveal past indiscretions. However, with the right preparation, these checks do not need to signal bad news for job seekers.

Do Your own Homework

Monster recommends that even before putting out a resume or a job application, people could contact the state Department of Labor. Here they may be able to get details on the laws that identify what information a potential employer may be able to see.

They can also learn when a company may request information and what must or does not need to be disclosed at the initial application phase. A hiring manager who learns about a criminal record after meeting the candidate at an in-person interview may consider it very differently than if they simply see it on a job application.

In addition, Forbes notes that a background check may have some information that is not accurate. This is similar to what may happen on a credit report. People should do their own background checks on themselves and work to eliminate any errors that may be there. This will reduce the number of black marks on their record.

Evaluate the Conviction and job Connection

According to U.S. News and World Report, another thing job hunters should keep in mind is whether or not their criminal conviction may in some way be connected to the type of job they are seeking . For example, a drunk driving conviction may make it harder for them to get a driving job but may not pose a challenge if they are seeking a job where driving is not required.

Honesty and Learning May go a Long Way

If a company has become interested enough in a job candidate to request a background check, it is at this point that a person might consider proactively letting the employer know about the criminal record.

When doing this, it is important to remain focused on the facts and also on what the person learned from the experience. The point is to show their honesty and also make the employer feel that they will not repeat the behavior and are therefore worthy of the job.

Legal Help can Always be a Benefit

People who are unsure of how to protect their rights when looking for work even with a criminal record should talk with an attorney in California. This may offer them the chance to get guidance from someone who understands the criminal justice system.