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Misdemeanor Charges Vs. Felony Charges

At Law Office of John W. Noonan, we work closely with each client so he or she understands the specific consequences, penalties and actions associated with each type of criminal charge, whether the charge is for a misdemeanor or for a felony. Many of our clients come to us specifically because they want this level of attention.

Dublin Attorney Explains Misdemeanor Charges Vs. Felony Charges

With more than 55 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney, our firm's founder, John W. Noonan, understands the information clients need to hear when it comes to distinguishing felonies from misdemeanors. He also understands that these differences are important only with respect to how they affect each individual case because each individual client's circumstances and background is different.

Generalized information from a website without accompanying counsel from an experienced attorney runs the unreasonable risk of life-changing mistakes being made by clients who misapply this generalized information to their specific situation. For this reason, you want to rely on an attorney who has been there and done that. John W. Noonan is that attorney.

Misdemeanor and / or Felony? We can Help With Either

Because our firm's goal is to truly make a difference in every client's life, we gladly take the time to ensure that our clients understand the differences between a misdemeanor and a felony. Many times, the difference between the two helps shape our client's choice and course of action.

When we advise our clients in these matters, we take into account the clients' entire criminal history. We can help you understand how various levels of charges may affect what kind of plea bargain you accept or what a conviction for one type of crime or another may do to your record. We can also help you understand when it is necessary to fight a charge all the way, depending on its gravity.

Questions About What is the Difference Between Misdemeanor Charges and Felony Charges? Call Us for an Appointment

Contact us for a free consultation and for further information regarding how an ex-district attorney with more than 55 years of experience can help you. Call us at 925-479-0033 or email us.


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