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Police Beginning Crackdown on Repeat Drunk Drivers

Repeat drunk drivers may find themselves facing additional penalties due to recent crackdowns within California.

Law enforcement agencies in California have long complained about the difficulties of removing repeat drunk drivers from the state's roadways. Officers believe that these drivers ignore some of the penalties that are imposed, and get back behind the wheel even though their licenses have been revoked.

Recently, several law enforcement agencies throughout the state have started cracking down on those individuals who have had repeat DUI violations. Police will receive lists that indicate where some of these repeat offenders with suspended licenses live, and the officers will make random checks to ensure that these individuals are complying with all court orders.

If the offenders missed their court date, or have a warrant out for their arrest, they may be arrested and then jailed while waiting the resolution of their case. In addition to whatever penalties they may receive for their crimes, they may also receive extra jail time for violating the terms of their probation.

Many of these police departments have received grant money from the California Office of Traffic Safety to aggressively combat drunk driving. The state is especially concerned about reducing the number of accidents these repeat offenders cause, and is committed to removing the most dangerous offenders from area roadways.

Individuals convicted of a DUI face several possible penalties, which will depend greatly upon the offenses charged in their specific situation. Jail time and high fines are possible, especially for those individuals with high blood-alcohol content levels at the time of their arrest. These motorists will also see their insurance costs increase substantially if they are convicted of a DUI in California.

If you are facing drunk driving charges, it is extremely important you understand that you are in serious trouble. The penalties for a DUI conviction get worse for each offense, and you can be certain that prosecutors will be very aggressive when trying to obtain a conviction in your case.

You should speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney to learn more about the proper steps you can take to protect your rights. Your attorney can offer you practical advice about your case, and will be able to be at your side through the entire process, including inside the courtroom, if it is necessary.

You might be pressured to plead guilty, but it you have to be sure that you are completely aware of all the consequences that may result. You rely upon your license, and if you lose your ability to drive, it will make several aspects of your life much more stressful.