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San Jose

Attorney Assisting Defendants in Criminal Matters in San Jose

San Jose experiences a greater number of crimes each year than most cities in California and throughout the nation. For example, there are over 20,000 property-related crimes, such as theft, burglary, and arson, committed each year there. Additionally, people who live in San Jose are more likely to become victims of violent crimes, like murder or assault, than people in other cities, with over 30 murders and over 22,000 assaults committed in San Jose per year. If you live in this area and have been charged with one or more crimes, you should meet with an attorney to develop a plan to protect your rights. San Jose criminal defense lawyer John W. Noonan has over five decades of experience handling criminal cases, and he will strive to help you seek a successful result.

Getting a Police Report for a Crime Committed in San Jose

People looking for a police report for a crime committed in San Jose must submit a completed Report Request Form to the San Jose Police Department Records Unit, which is located at 201 West Mission Street, San Jose, CA 95110, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope. The cost associated with obtaining the report will depend on the number of pages in the report. Any request submitted will be processed pursuant to the Department's policies and California privacy laws. If a person was arrested or cited in relation to the requested report, they can contact the District Attorney's office at (408) 299-7400 to request any documents related to their arrest or citation.

Constitutional Rights of Criminal Defendants

People charged with crimes may feel as if the State holds all the cards, but criminal defendants have many rights under the law, which a criminal defense attorney in San Jose can help them assert. First, a person is presumed innocent until they are proven guilty. Furthermore, the State bears a high burden in criminal cases and must prove a defendant's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

The federal Constitution grants criminal defendants numerous rights as well. For example, the Fourth Amendment protects people against unreasonable searches and seizures, since it prohibits searches without a warrant or probable cause. Any illegally obtained evidence that violates the Fourth Amendment should not be introduced against a defendant at trial. The Fifth Amendment protects defendants from self-incrimination, which means that a defendant cannot be compelled to give testimony that would prove their guilt. The Fifth Amendment also grants protection against double jeopardy, which means that a person cannot be tried more than once for the same crime.

Under the Sixth Amendment, criminal defendants are afforded the right to an attorney, the right to confront any witnesses on whom the State will rely in proving its case, and the right to a speedy trial. In cases in which the State unjustly delays a criminal trial, a San Jose criminal defense attorney may be able to get the charges against the defendant dismissed. Lastly, the Eighth Amendment grants criminal defendants the right to reasonable bail and protection from cruel and unusual punishment. The California Constitution grants criminal defendants many of the same protections as the U.S. Constitution.

Discuss Your Charges with a Capable Criminal Defense Lawyer

The California and federal Constitutions were drafted to provide protections for all citizens, including criminal defendants. If you were charged with a crime, it is imperative to speak with a capable attorney to discuss your charges and your rights under the law. Attorney John W. Noonan is ready to work diligently to help you set forth effective arguments in pursuit of a favorable outcome. Mr. Noonan has an office in Dublin and an office in Manteca, and he regularly represents people charged with crimes in cities throughout the Bay Area. You can submit the form online or call 925-479-0033 to set up a meeting with a criminal defense lawyer in the San Jose area regarding your case.