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What Are the Penalties for Stealing in School?


From typical academic studies to improving social skills to learning important life lessons, school is considered to be one of the best environment for learning.  Unfortunately, there are some lessons that cannot be taught in the classroom because of their specific nature.

Take for example crimes.  Most teachers do not have the background necessary to explain legal consequences to minors.  These lessons often have to be learned the hard way and require the expertise of someone with a legal background, such as a skilled lawyer, to explain.

Crimes can happen anywhere, even in the classroom. Take for example the crime of theft. Though parents may tell their child that stealing another person’s belongings is bad, a juvenile may not take these warnings seriously until they face consequences for these actions.

So what are the penalties for stealing in school? Let’s take a look.

Taking another student’s personal property is perhaps the most obvious and well-known form of theft common in many schools across the state of California. But did you know that taking school property without permission or stealing the personal property of a teacher or faculty member can also lead to penalties? Many schools have policies in place that result in a suspension from school for theft. Many times, the police may also be involved and criminal charges could be filed.

It’s also worth pointing out that civil action may be taken in the case of a theft as well if the property isn’t recovered. California parents should be aware of this fact as they could be held legally responsible for the property and ordered to pay back the monetary value of the item or items that were taken.