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Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) in California

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In California, anyone operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of .08% or higher can be charged with driving under the influence (DUI). The limit for an individual who is not yet 21 years of age is .01% or higher. This lower limit is also imposed on those who are currently on DUI probation.

If you were pulled over and found to have a BAC that was over the legal limit, the Law Office of John W. Noonan can help. Our Dublin DUI attorney has over 55 years of experience challenging all types of sobriety test results. When you come in for your free consultation, we can provide guidance regarding the legal options for your particular situation and let you know what to expect as you seek to fight your charges.

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Types of BAC Tests

If you were pulled over and suspected of driving under the influence, you were likely subject to some form of test to determine your blood alcohol concentration level. The results from these tests are used as primary evidence against drivers in DUI cases.

The three main types of BAC tests include:

  • Preliminary alcohol screening (PAS) tests: This test is used by law enforcement when they pull a driver over. It involves a small handheld breath-testing device that provides an instant measure of the individual’s BAC level.
  • Breath tests: The most common chemical test used to determine a person’s BAC level. This method involves using an instrument that detects the amount of alcohol vapor in the individual’s breath.
  • Blood tests: Considered the most accurate chemical test used to discover a driver’s BAC level. The process involves a qualified medical professional drawing a sample of blood from the person’s arm and analyzing it in a crime lab.

Regardless of the type of test that was used to discover your BAC, our legal team knows how to find flaws in the results to get them dismissed, if possible. Depending on the unique circumstance of your case, our arguments may center on how the test was administered or who conducted it.

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If you failed to pass a BAC test, you can rely on our Dublin DUI lawyer to cast reasonable doubt on the scientific reliability of the evidence found by the chemical tests. Our aim is to help you get your case dismissed so that you can maintain your driving privileges and move on with life unaffected by your charges.

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