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Assault and Battery Utilize the Power of a Former Prosecutor

Assault & Battery

Depending on the severity of injuries that resulted and number of offenses, the penalties can vary greatly for those arrested for assault and battery. Whether you have been falsely accused of a bar fight assault or there was a simple misunderstanding between spouses, it is important to ensure that your rights are thoroughly protected.

35 Years of Courtroom Experience

At Law Office of John W. Noonan, we have years of experience handling assault and battery cases for clients in Dublin, Alameda County, Contra Costa County and throughout the surrounding California communities. Our firm investigates all aspects of the case, including interviewing witnesses and examining any evidence that may have been illegally obtained. Attorney John W. Noonan is a former prosecutor with decades of criminal defense experience. He is a respected assault and battery defense attorney who aggressively advocates for his clients' rights.

Assault and battery charges could result in jail time. You need to speak with an experienced assault and battery lawyer immediately. Contact us through our firm's 24-hour phone number at (925) 886-4281 to arrange your free consultation.

Assault With a Deadly Weapon Attorney

The consequences for an assault may be increased if a deadly weapon was used during the commission of the crime. We can help you understand how the presence of the weapon affects the case and how your defense needs to be structured.

In addition to handling general assault and battery matters, our firm handles sex crimes involving assault and battery, such as sexual assault and sexual battery.

Facing Assault and Battery Charges? Contact Us Today

Contact a lawyer at our firm today at (925) 886-4281 to schedule a consultation to discuss your domestic violence, assault and battery, or other criminal defense matters. You CAN afford an experienced lawyer!

  • Case Dismissed DUI
  • Case Dismissed Felony Domestic Violence
  • Penalties Reduced Felony Drunk Driving
  • Penalties Reduced Felony Drunk Driving With Injury
  • Case Dismissed Felony Juvenile Case (Multiple Charges)