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California DUI: Strong Defense Counsel Can Be Vitally Important


How important is diligent and proven legal representation for individuals in California who are stopped by police for alleged drunk driving?

We suspect that most of our readers across the San Francisco Bay Area and other parts of California intuitively know the answer to that question.

Succinctly stated, it is this: very important, indeed.

We state on the DUI Defense page of our criminal law website at The Law Offices of John W. Noonan that, “We know of no other area of law in which more of a difference can be made than by ensuring that a client’s right to liberty is safeguarded through the justice system.”

The reasons for that are many and varied.

For starters, the initial stop of a driver might be constitutionally infirm from the outset. Perhaps a police officer had no so-called “probable cause” whatever to pull over a driver.

Moreover, cases from across the country routinely bear out that recurring problems — including issues relating to police officers’ objectivity — occur when motorists are subjected to various field sobriety tests. Miscues result from improperly calibrated breathalyzers. Errors occur with blood samples tested at state labs.

In short, there is a ready potential in any California drunk driving matter for mistakes to be made across a wide spectrum. Given that, it is often imperative that a person charged with a DUI offense in California find an experienced, client-empathetic and aggressive DUI attorney who can closely examine all the evidence in a case and advocate forcefully for a best-case outcome.

The stakes can be high, with jail time, fines/penalties, license suspension and additional exactions being a possibility for even first-time offenders.

Proven legal counsel can identify and challenge any weaknesses that exist in a given case and pursue an outcome that mitigates adverse consequences to the fullest extent legally possible.