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A Horrific Injustice: False Criminal Accusations


One of the most frightening things that can happen to an individual is to be falsely accused of criminal conduct.

Law enforcers are often quick to act upon such allegations. Sometimes it takes time and huge effort to convince authorities of a fabricated story and make things right. Even when that is possible, it is often the case that the innocent victim of another party’s lie can never recover a previously unstained reputation.

And, of course, there is the potentiality for this terrifying outcome: a conviction and prison sentence, coupled with a life forever turned upside down by a third party’s false claims.

Why would a person ever falsely accuse an innocent party of crime?

We can speak to that at the long-established Law Offices of John W. Noonan in Dublin, having aggressively defended many individuals in the Bay Area and across Alameda County against falsely leveled charges.

As we note on our website, fabricated testimony is often offered “to gain leverage in a situation such as family law or another civil matter.” Additionally, another person might simply want to inflict punishment as retaliation for some wrong they claim was done to them.

Untrue allegations that can bring harsh criminal penalties span a wide range of categories, from alleged sexual misconduct and acts of domestic violence to theft-related offenses and violent crime.

We stress a two-fold focus in our representation of individuals fighting back against false allegations.

And that is this: We seek complete exoneration for our clients and full legal accountability for the false accuser.

We welcome readers’ contacts to our firm, and the opportunity to bring decades of on-point criminal defense experience to bear on behalf of individuals reaching out to us in a time of need.