Penalties for First-Time California DUI Offenders

Police, lawmakers, and judges take California DUIs very seriously. To discourage people from engaging in drunk driving, California lawmakers have enacted a strict set of penalties that escalates with each prior conviction for DUI. However, even first-time California DUI offenders can face significant penalties.

There are two categories of penalties that can be imposed on those who have been charged with a California DUI offense: administrative and criminal penalties. Administrative penalties most notably involve the suspension of a defendant’s driving privileges. Typically, when a driver is arrested for a California DUI, their license will be revoked, and they will be issued a temporary restricted license. This license will naturally expire at the end of 30 days, unless the driver requests a hearing. This may result in the driver’ privileges being reinstated for limited purposes only, pending final resolution of the case.

Importantly, the administrative consequences of a DUI arrest occur regardless of whether the driver is actually convicted of the offense. Separate from the administrative consequences of a DUI arrest are the criminal penalties that will be imposed by the court. Some penalties will only be assessed if a driver is found guilty of a California DUI offense.

As noted above, punishments for a California DUI offense escalate after each offense. For first-time offenders, penalties include:

  • A period of incarceration ranging between 96 hours and six months;
  • Fines and court costs;
  • A mandatory term of probation ranging between three to five years;
  • At least 30 hours of program activities, program activities, including education, group counseling, and individual interview sessions; and
  • Other conditions of probation the court deems appropriate such as remaining alcohol-free or staying away from certain individuals.

In addition to the administrative and criminal punishments for a California DUI, there are also collateral consequences that come along with any criminal conviction. Collateral consequences refer to the repercussions that a conviction will have on a defendant’s life that are not prescribed by statute. For example, people convicted of a DUI offense may not be eligible for certain jobs and their auto insurance rates will likely increase.

While most of the criminal and administrative punishments for a California DUI are mandatory, it is important to note that many of these punishments involve a range of options, and it is up to the discretion of the sentencing judge to determine what sentence a defendant receives. Thus, it is essential for anyone facing a first-time California DUI offense to retain a dedicated and experienced California DUI defense attorney to assist in their defense.

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