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What is Being Done About Human Trafficking in California?

Discover more about human trafficking and how severe the problem is in California. See how it is being handled at a criminal level.

Human trafficking is an issue heard more about these days than ever before. It is done for many reasons, all of which are illegal and damaging. In California, the push to combat crimes under this umbrella is never-ending. There is a huge problem in this state, and there are some specific reasons why. Find out more about the state of human trafficking in California.

The Scope of the Problem

According to the Washington Examiner, California has the highest rate of human trafficking in the country. It has a severe issue particularly with sexual-related trafficking. This crime has seen a rise throughout the whole country, going from reported cases numbering a little over 7,700 to a little over 8,700 reported cases in 2017.

Why California is so Attractive

There are some good reasons why this state has such problems and sees these crimes at higher numbers than other states. According to the Washington Examiner, it has to do with its location mainly. It is located on the ocean, which provides easy access to ports and major harbors. It also has several airports and is on the border of Mexico. In addition, it is easy to hide abductees because of the large immigrant population. They can blend in and will not look as out of place as they may in other areas of the country. Texas and Florida, states with similar characteristics, are also in the top three states for human trafficking.

Fighting Back

Lawmakers have taken a hard stance against trafficking and related crimes. However, it took some time for them to get serious. It was not until 2012 with the passing of Proposition 35 that the state really began to crack down. According to CAS Research and Education, this law, officially called the Californians Against Sexual Exploitation Act, took multiple steps to improve the existing laws. It made it mandatory for law enforcement to obtain training in human trafficking. It enacted longer prison terms for those convicted of these crimes and eliminated a need for prosecutors to prove force in child sex trafficking cases. It also required sex offender registration for those convicted and added protection for victims during court proceedings.

There was one part of the act that did not get enacted right away. This was that all registered sex offenders must now report their log in information for social media platforms. This was seen as a civil rights violation and taken to court.

California is a prime spot for human trafficking. It is a difficult crime to fight, but with the combined efforts of lawmakers, law enforcement and the public, it can be stopped. If you want more information about human trafficking laws, you should seek the assistance of an attorney, such as the Law Office of John W. Noonan.